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bookkeep.com™ for Shopify

How many orders do you have a month?


Up to 200

$9.99 / Mo


Up to 500

$19.99 / Mo


Up to 2,000

$59.99 / Mo


Up to 5,000

$79.99 / Mo



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All plans include:

  • Includes one Shopify store with one QuickBooks connection
  • Price shown is for one Shopify store
  • Number of orders are counted per store
  • Reconciles to Shopify payouts
  • Automatically posts to QuickBooks

Add on features and services:

Get all your multi channel sales data in one place

$9.99 / Mo

Ability to set up sales and COGS for EACH sales channel and have it entered into QuickBooks automatically. See all your sales in one place without pulling reports from 10 different platforms.

Record your Cost of Goods Sold

$9.99 / Mo

Automatically record your COGS in QuickBooks using unit costs from Shopify, summarized daily and broken by product categories. Know what your most profitable product lines are.

Post historical transactions

Price varies

Post historical transactions from as far back as possible. Pricing is just as simple as our tiered pricing for our Shopify app. So if you only need to pull in 500 orders, you'll be charged $19.99. The only difference is it caps out at $99.


bookkeep.com™ for Square

Flat Fee Plan


  • One location
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Reconciles to Square payouts
  • Automatically posts to QuickBooks

Add on services:

Post historical transactions

$9.99 / Mo

Post historical transactions from as far back as possible for one flat price per month. So if you need to post 6 months worth of transactions, you'll be billed for 6 months.


bookkeep.com™ for Grubhub

Flat Fee Plan

Free to use

  • One location
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Reconciles to Grubhub payouts
  • Automatically posts to QuickBooks

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Whether you start with 100 transactions or reach 10,000 a year from now, you'll be covered.


Cancel any time

We won't lock you or your data in if we're not right for you. What's yours is yours.


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Our support team and accountants are standing by to help you get set up and keep going.

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Common Questions

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No, you do not need a credit card to sign up to try any of our products.

Is my information safe?

Yes, we don't store any of your data. We simply pull your data into QuickBooks.

How easy is it to set up?

Set up is simple. Just add our app and connect your QuickBooks online account. Once connected, you can map your chart of accounts. We have tutorials for each platform. And if you get stuck, send us a quick support request or chat with us directly from inside the app.

Do I need to download or install any programs?

No, there's no download or installation involved. Just sign up and connect our app.

Am I locked in once I commit to using bookkeep.com™?

Absolutely not! You can disconnect the app at any time, and your data will still be yours and be available to you.

What counts as one transaction?

We tie transactions to order. So if someone places an order and then pays for the order, that would still be counted as one transaction for billing purposes.

How will I be charged?

All paid plans include one Shopify store with one QuickBooks connection. We count the number of orders PER store and bill each store separately, though they'll appear on the same invoice with each store listed out.

Have more questions?

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