Automated bookkeeping just got smarter.


Smarter accounting automation is more
than just syncing transactions.

Simplicity. Efficiency. Accuracy. And that’s just the start.

Bookkeep automatically posts daily sales summary financials to accounting platforms such as QuickBooks Online or Xero and reconciles the payment deposits. We do this for all commerce apps like Square, Shopify, Amazon Seller and many many more. We’re accountants, business owners, and data nerds ourselves, so we know the importance of accurate accrual-based financial reporting. When we say smarter, we mean it.

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Independent Bookkeepers and Accountants

Accounting Firms

Growing Businesses

Independent Bookkeepers and Accountants

Independent Bookkeepers and Accountants

Easy to set up.
Effortless to manage.

Accounting Firms

Accounting Firms

Expending resources on manual data entry is a thing of the past.

Growing Businesses

Growing Businesses

One location or one hundred. Easy.


The accounting gateway built to grow with you

Our customers already use Shopify, Square, Amazon, Grubhub, Squarespace, Stripe among others, but these days businesses need to manage a never-ending list of sales and payment systems, which need to work with accounting platforms. That’s why we’re building support for new apps every day. Need a solution for a new channel? Just let us know. We might be working on it already.


Flexible plans based on accounting entries. Another great reason to smile.

Pricing plans based on the number of accounting entries – not on monthly sales or orders – are smarter. Whether you’re a small business processing a few entries a day, or you manage hundreds of entries per month for multiple accounts, our plans can adjust to fit your needs. And that’s another way we keep our customers smiling.


Why summarized journal entries? Because they’re smarter.

Reconciling hundreds or thousands of transactions is a constant, tedious chore and a thing of the past. Summaries are much simpler , faster and more efficient. --- manage financial data from sales to deposits and payouts. Summarizing financials in your sales system on a daily basis is the smarter way to post to accounting. It’s not only smarter, it is proper accrual accounting.

“I like it so much more than having each individual transaction downloaded because I use Shopify for my bar and it keeps everything streamlined and beautiful. Thank you!!”
Da Kine's Kava
“I started on this app, when i started QuickBooks & Shopify. Without it, my books would be a mess. I have been running my business for 30 years...”
Skalitzky Jewelers, Inc
“I'm using this app to sync financial summaries of Shopify to QuickBooks. It's great to get the summaries instead of every individual transaction. That was killing my QuickBooks reports...”
Earrings by Emma
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