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Bookkeep Victoria BC Press Release

Bookkeep Opens New Office in Victoria, British Columbia To Better Serve Its Growing Canadian Customer Base

Brooklyn, NY (June 18, 2024)Bookkeep, the leading revenue accounting and sales tax automation platform for unified commerce, today announced plans to open a new office in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada led by Vice President of Marketing and Communications Alison Ball. The office will be focused on expanding access to automated ecommerce solutions for Canadian businesses and their bookkeepers and accountants. Bookkeep will hire local talent for several new roles in the coming year. 

“One in six of our customers are based in Canada. It’s a significant and growing market for our business, and as Victoria emerges as the fastest-growing tech hub in the country, we knew we wanted to renew our commitment to this segment and further solidify our authenticity as a member of the local business community,” said Alison Ball, VP of Marketing and Communications for Bookkeep. “Having grown up in Canada, I am thrilled to return and lead the expansion of our team to drive new app integrations and enhancements for Canadian ecommerce and multi-channel retail, restaurant and cannabis dispensaries, along with the accounting teams that serve them.”   

Bookkeep generates accrual-based daily sales summaries, posts journal entries and reconciles payment deposits automatically from more than 60 sales and payment platforms, including Shopify, PayPal, Square, Amazon Seller, and vertically specialized point-of-sale (POS) systems. The platform also handles the various provincial rules and sales tax, offering bookkeepers and accountants access to automated and accurate record-keeping that aligns with and ensures compliance with Canadian sales tax laws. 

Its expanded operations also position the company to deepen its strategic relationship with Shopify. Bookkeep is on track to become an official Shopify Plus Partner and regularly leverages the expertise of its team of CPAs, accounting engineers and former bookkeepers to support the expansion of the ecommerce leader into enterprise and its continued growth in small business. 

“We are the only accounting automation platform that can segment revenue by ecommerce and POS channel and automate it into QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho Books and Sage Intacct properly – a critical feature when a client has numerous stores, starts selling in multiple currencies, or countries, and receives payouts in different bank accounts,” said Jason Richelson, co-founder and CEO of Bookkeep. “When Shopify and other platforms roll out new innovations and products that serve merchants, we learn the intricacies and adapt our software to make it easy for accountants. We look forward to growing our team in Canada and deepening our engagement with Shopify to best serve Canadian businesses and bookkeepers.” 




About Bookkeep

Bookkeep is a revenue and financial automation platform for unified commerce businesses and the accounting teams that serve them. Bookkeep automates the time-consuming, complex process of posting and reconciling daily accrual financials from multiple ecommerce and retail sales channels into accounting platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho Books, and Sage Intacct. Bookkeep integrates with over 60 platforms, such as Shopify, Walmart, PayPal, Square, Amazon Seller, Stripe, Squarespace, and vertically specialized point-of-sale systems like Clover, Toast, and Treez, and many more. 

Our sales tax automation files and pays sales tax across all 50 states in the USA. Canadians enjoy accurate sales tax reporting for GST and HST across all platforms connected. As revenue data and payment flows become increasingly complex, accounting teams can no longer keep up. Our automation transforms complex manual processes prone to human error and delivers accurate, daily accrual-based revenue data, saving accounting teams up to at least 20 hours per month. Learn more by visiting

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