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7 Reasons Accounting for Shopify & PayPal Is So Complicated

Accountants often find Shopify and PayPal to be a headache, finding issues with:


  1. Sales payouts spanning multiple deposits
  2. Orders coming from sources beyond your sales channels, such as returns providers (e.g., Returnly)
  3. Orders with edits, which can result in sales impacts across multiple days
  4. Orders with sales tax withheld, which can complicate sales tax reporting and filing
  5. Payouts with adjustments, which can represent sales tax withheld or Facebook reimbursements which are not clearly marked
  6. Potential timezone discrepancies between platforms and multi-currency transactions
  7. PayPal is not just a payment method, it’s also a bank account and a way to pay your vendors, which adds multiple transaction types to your accounting


Fortunately, Bookkeep solves these issues by automatically connecting PayPal and Shopify to QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Zoho Books. 


With Bookkeep, you can direct your sales summaries, payout transactions, and more right into your preferred accounting platform.


What’s more, you can reconcile your deposits automatically. Automatic mapping and reconciliation means no tedious manual work or elusive human errors.


Bookkeep even combines your transactions into beautiful, real-time accounting summaries. You can expect robust, transparent data for enlightening insights and informed decision-making.


Lastly, our industry-best, U.S.-based customer care team is responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. They’re available for chat support, video sessions, and training during business hours.


Try our Shopify integration and PayPal integration today and see for yourself why hundreds of accounting firms, CFOs, and ecommerce brands use Bookkeep to automate their accounting practices.

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