Sales tax pricing that scales with you

Bookkeep Sales Tax Service is charged on a per location basis, meaning an entity may have 1 or more locations that require daily set aside, filing and payment.

One Location

Includes up to 3 filings.


monthly cost for first location

Additional Locations

Includes up to 3 filings.


monthly cost for each additional location

Additional Filings


monthly cost

Prices and revenue shown in USD. Pricing is per entity.

How does Bookkeep's Sales Tax Service work?

For US entities, once we complete your one-time setup, the rest is taken care of. DAVO by Avalara completely automates sales tax – from setting funds aside daily to filing and payment.



If you use Bookkeep for revenue accounting automation already, you don’t need to do anything differently.

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Sales tax is collected and set aside daily

The exact amount of sales tax collected daily is transferred to DAVO’s secure tax holding account.

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DAVO files your taxes with the state automatically when due.

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DAVO pays your sales tax using the funds that are set aside daily.

Sales Tax FAQ

Bookkeep has partnered with DAVO by Avalara to fully automate sales tax from start to finish. DAVO uses data from Bookkeep to set sales tax funds aside daily in DAVO’s secure holding account. DAVO then files and pays sales tax on your behalf when it’s due.

DAVO will begin daily set asides after you add  your US domiciled banking information.  The DAVO service will only work if you have a bank account in the USA.

DAVO collects on a daily basis. DAVO fulfills your legal obligations daily; keeping sales tax revenue separate and secure from your general operating funds. DAVO ensures the set aside funds are always available when remitting sales tax revenues to the state.

DAVO initiates an ACH debit notice to your designated bank account for the amount of the sales tax you collect on a daily basis. These funds are then used to pay your State Taxation agency on your behalf. Please refer to DAVO’s Terms and Conditions for further clarification if necessary.

The Success Notification is to inform you that an ACH debit was initiated based upon your previous day’s sales tax data. The actual ACH debit may take up to 4 business days to complete.

Yes. DAVO fulfills all of your fiduciary responsibilities to the State by holding your sales tax funds separate from your general operating funds in a secure tax holding account at Wells Fargo Bank.

No. The sales tax service is designed to help you manage your sales tax on a daily basis ensuring sales tax revenue is always available when it is time to pay the State.  If there are specific circumstances that require consideration please contact customer support at (888) 659-8432 or chat at between the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Time Monday-Thursday, and 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time on Friday.

Yes. Bookkeep and DAVO utilize industry best practices for securing systems and customer data including storage encryption of account data, SSL for all Web interactions and layered firewall protection to secure the web and database environments.

No. DAVO does not calculate or determine the taxability or tax rates of the items you sell. It is imperative that you have your ecommerce platform, Point of Sale (“POS”) system or Accounting Software package programmed with the correct tax rates so that we provide accurate information to the State when filing your tax returns. DAVO will collect, file and pay the amount of sales tax based upon the data retrieved from your POS or Accounting Software package. If you have questions regarding tax rates or taxability, please consult your tax professional or state department of revenue for advice. Please see our Terms and Conditions for tax liability responsibilities.

Yes. DAVO utilizes all the sales data from the end of day close-out of your ecommerce platform, POS system or accounting software package which includes gross sales, tax exempt and non-taxable sales, sales at multiple tax rates, cash sales, credit/debit card sales, gift certificates and gift card sales, returns and refunds and, when available, information related to third-party sales, such as marketplace facilitators.

This is dependent upon what information your particular state requires. Certain state forms require more than just supplying sales tax data, but also include “use tax”, goods sold to the US Government, etc. This is information that you would have filled in on a tax form previously but is currently outside the daily sales data being provided to Bookkeep and will have to be entered at the end of each month.

You will be notified by email when DAVO has completed your sales tax filing. You will receive a copy of your sales tax return as well as a time-stamped confirmation of payment.

DAVO will notify you if there are insufficient funds and there will be a $3 surcharge for each NSF. In order to file and pay, DAVO will need to collect these missing amounts. If DAVO does not have all of the funds to pay the tax obligation, the outstanding balance due will be noted in the filing confirmation and you will be responsible for the outstanding balance.  Additionally, DAVO maintains the right to terminate your DAVO Sales Tax service if funds are unavailable. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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