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Know your numbers: Jason Richelson on the Smart Hustle Podcast

Jason Richelson shares his perspectives on the Sage Thought Leadership Podcast

The Sage Thought Leadership Podcast invites industry luminaries to share their stories and their knowledge as a way to energize the success of businesses around the world. In this episode Jason Richelson was asked to shares his thoughts about why bookkeeping is broken. 

Solving challenges with accounting automation. 

Bookkeep co-founder and CEO Jason Richelson joins host Ed Kless on an episode of the Sage Though Leadership Podcast. In the conversation, Jason shares his career long passion for solving problems with automation, including the fact that his first job was automating accounting on a trading desk! 

They discuss why bookkeeping is broken and why capturing and reporting financial data across multiple ecommerce platforms and new digital payments is a growing challenge, and also talk about the hurdles many businesses face in finding skilled accountants today. 

Here’s a link to the full episode.


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