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Bookkeep Research Study: Part 1

We recently commissioned a research study with Paradoxes Inc., to better understand the impact of manual data entry for retailers, restaurants, non-profits and accounting firms. We are sharing the findings in a three-part Executive Summary. The first installment in this series is available now. You can request your own copy below.

Here are a few highlights:

Three-quarters of businesses report that ecommerce platforms have created additional manual bookkeeping work, with firms estimating that these extra processing steps cost them 5-7 staff days per month.

Due in part to this extra strain, one-third of all firms reported that they now outsource their bookkeeping.

Of the businesses that reported they outsource their accounting, more than half (56%) utilize offshore firms. The average monthly cost to outsource can run as high as $10,000, with varying expenses based on firm size and industry.

Overall, all firms analyzed combine to spend approximately $17 billion annually on outsourcing to reconcile and integrate ecommerce transaction data into standard bookkeeping journal entries and accounting software.

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We’ve prepared an Executive Summary that offers a glimpse into the findings and includes charts and graphs that illustrate the key data points. The Executive Summary is available for free, using the form below.

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