Replay: Taking the ‘Fear Factor’ out of managing Shopify clients

Are you hesitant to take on clients with Shopify? Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to even start? Do you want to serve your clients more efficiently and waste less time during your day? Check out our recent webinar panel with Andrew Seguin, Founder at Seguin Financial; Tanya Hilts, Founder at Cloud Business Services and Tanya’s Bookkeeper’s Bootcamp; Sherri-Lee Mathers, Founder at Balsam Way Bookkeeping & Business Solutions; and Jason Richelson, Co-Founder and CEO at Bookkeep.

Here are a few short clips about the topics covered: 

Our expert panel will help you address your fears.

During this informative session our speakers will open you up, even encourage you, to take on Shopify clients with ONE simple and efficient platform – so you can be ready to work more efficiently, grow your business and set your Shopify clients up for success!

Watch the full recording here: