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Sheer Distinction

All of my e-commerce clients are now on Bookkeep. Bookkeep allows me to provide transparent reports that match the sales platforms on a daily basis. It allows me the opportunity to move forward at a better speed, growing my business efficiently.

– Maureen Stevens, Founder, Sheer Distinction


Maureen Stevens, founder of Sheer Distinction, a virtual bookkeeping service specializing in e-commerce business, faced significant challenges in managing her clients’ financial data across multiple selling and payment platforms. The complexity of integrating data from various sources made it difficult to provide accurate and timely accounting. 

However, with the adoption of Bookkeep and its powerful mapping capabilities, Maureen was able to consolidate all data from these platforms and control where the revenue and payouts were booked in each client’s accounting system, enabling her to offer real-time financial insights and help clients efficiently manage revenues, margins, and selling costs.

Meet Maureen Stevens

Maureen Stevens is the founder of Sheer Distinction, a family-run e-commerce bookkeeping service. As a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Maureen has extensive experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors. She provides small business owners with a comprehensive assessment of their financials, offering clear direction and real-time awareness. 

Specializing in platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, Wix and WooCommerce, Maureen and her team are known for their expertise, trustworthiness, and dedication to helping e-commerce businesses thrive.

Maureen Stevens
Maureen Stevens, Founder, Sheer Distinction

The Problem: “Inter-App” Challenges in E-Commerce Bookkeeping

Many clients work across multiple platforms, creating “inter-app” challenges where integrating data from various selling and payment sources becomes daunting. The native integrations into QuickBooks Online were no help either, because the integrations don’t allow one app to take precedence over another. As example – if a client is selling on Shopify and has PayPal embedded inside Shopify, using QBO’s integrations for each would result in double booking of much of the data. It was vital that Maureen and her team find a solution that would allow for inter-app mapping, and in a way that would create accuracy and efficiency without manual intervention and adjustments.

“Clients were expecting their reports within the first 10 days of the new month, and other e-commerce automation tools couldn’t keep up. I was tired of waiting for responses and dealing with the nerve-wracking pressure of not being able to deliver timely reports. When a peer recommended Bookkeep, I decided to give it a try.”

The Solution: Implementing Bookkeep for Seamless Integration

Frustrated with the limitations of other automation apps, which were slow to respond and unable to handle multiple platforms efficiently, Maureen sought a more reliable solution. By automating the booking and reconciliation of sales and payment data from multiple e-commerce platforms, Bookkeep ensured that all transactions were accurately recorded using the accrual-basis accounting method.

This automation eliminated manual and time-consuming processes that were vulnerable to errors. Bookkeep’s superior customer service also stood out, providing prompt support and solutions.

“If a sales platform is triggering the sales report, we should be getting it in QuickBooks and recognizing it on a daily basis. Bookkeep delivers on that.” Adding, “How Bookkeep stands out from the others in the accuracy of the entries and their customer service. By far, it is superior.”

Outcomes and Business Growth

Implementing Bookkeep improved Sheer Distinction’s operations and client satisfaction. Maureen was able to manage clients with complex needs across various platforms seamlessly. The real-time financial insights provided by Bookkeep enable her clients to make informed business decisions without delays.

“I have transferred all of my e-commerce clients onto Bookkeep. Bookkeep’s customer service and tech support outweigh their competitors. Technology is fallible, having an extra set of eyes on my clients books provides a level of assurance that is priceless. For me to build my business and grow, I need to have these processes in place. Bookkeep allows me to move forward at a better speed, growing my business efficiently.”

Maureen’s experience with Bookkeep also enhanced her ability to attract and retain clients. Accountants who didn’t want to delve into the complexities of e-commerce bookkeeping started referring clients to her, recognizing her expertise and the reliability of Bookkeep.

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