How to Streamline Your Clover Accounting

Accountants often find Clover to be a headache, finding issues with clunky, time consuming accounting processes.


Much of the time, accountants must run reports to capture the entire range of daily activity, create formulas and pivot tables, etc. Moreover, some accounting data isn’t fully reflected in the default Clover reports (e.g., the gift cards issued but fully discounted).


Fortunately, Bookkeep solves these issues by automatically connecting Clover to QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Zoho Books. 


With Bookkeep, you can direct your sales summaries right into your preferred accounting platform.


What’s more, Bookkeep supports all currencies and can handle conversions for seamless posting into your accounting platform. 


Bookkeep even combines your transactions into beautiful, real-time accounting summaries. You can expect robust, transparent data for enlightening insights and informed decision-making.


Further, our industry-best, U.S.-based customer care team is responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. They’re available for chat support, video sessions, and training during business hours.


Here’s what you can expect when streamlining your Clover accounting processes with Bookkeep:


  • Breakdown of sales/discounts by product type for more granular tracking and reporting
  • Breakdown of the different tender types (cash, credit card, etc.) for easier tracking of expected funds from your payment processors


Try our Clover demo today and see for yourself why hundreds of ecommerce brands, restaurants, retail stores, and more use Bookkeep to automate their accounting practices.