Bookkeep in your practice: Titans of Virtual Bookkeeping

Guest author Donna Reade of Titans of Virtual Bookkeeping discusses her business and how she is working smarter with Bookkeep automation.

About the business

My name is Donna Reade, I am the Trailblazer and Master of Innovation for Team Reade Inc (doing business as) Titans of Virtual Bookkeeping, a virtual bookkeeping business.


It depends on the day. Each of my days has a theme. In general…

  • Mondays are Joy Days for me. I do anything I want to do on that day.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays are client work days. I am completely focused on my clients and taking care of everything they need that comes my way.
  • Fridays are connected with other Accountants/Bookkeepers via Zoom meetings.
  • Part of Friday, Saturday & Sunday work “on” Business strategy and infrastructure.

I own a Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Business so it is essential that my time is managed efficiently and effectively so I do not burn out or become overwhelmed.

Pain points in the business

What processes did you find made you work inefficiently?

So I am crazy about figuring out how to do things faster. Which means applying automation where it makes sense to save time and clicks.

There are 2 types of automation that need to be used together.

  1. In my Virtual Bookkeeping Business. Bookkeep is used to bring in sales transactions on a daily basis from Amazon and Shopify (and payment processors) which is the 1st automation type. Automation by App/Software.
  2. Once the data is in the second type of automation can be applied. Automation by human, to ensure all the data is being pulled correctly and organized so the business owner can have a high-level view of what is happening on a daily basis. Not the middle of the following month when their bookkeeper gets around to doing a JE.

What does this mean for you?

Using Bookkeep saves me hours and hours of having to interpret sales from channels that have very poor reporting. It buckets all the daily sales into JE’s so that the information is organized and clearly mapped into QuickBooks Online


When and why did you start using Bookkeep?

I started using Bookkeep in 2020 as a replacement for another software. I only work with clients that use QuickBooks Online, E-commerce businesses, creating their own products and they tend to be very tech-savvy. They are also moving very fast.

The prior company I used was taking 3-4 days to update 3rd party processors, support was very slow with a push to articles that had nothing to do with the issue I described and when I tried to schedule a call they were open from 1:00 am to 6:00 am


How’s it going now?

The best part of Bookkeep is that they listen and respond with a human.

What are you doing now with that “free time?”

I do things that bring me joy such as in learning new skills, sharing information with other people in the Accounting/Bookkeeping industry and supporting other Solo Virtual Bookkeeping Business Owners through my Solo Virtual Bookkeeper’s Paradise (Discord) Community.

Plus building more ways to generate revenue and spend time with my family. They work with me too. We constantly are asking ourselves What if….? Then try it to figure out if our “what-if” is doable.

Do you recommend Bookkeep?

Absolutely. But people have to remember to take the time to learn the system and be willing to partner with Bookeep to help them improve too. Working with ecommerce businesses is not for the faint of heart and is very complex. I even have to remind myself of that all the time
too. I get very impatient and cranky when things do not post correctly.


Donna Reade (LinkedIn)

Facebook: Virtual Bookkeepers United Community