Squarespace Accounting Integration - Ecommerce - Bookkeep
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Summarize sales from Squarespace, split fees from Stripe deposits, and reconcile without the fuss through automated daily journal entries.


Daily summaries of all your Squarespace transactions into accurate and reliable journal entries.

Summarize all transactions into one daily post, eliminating the need to manage thousands of messy transactions.

Stripe payouts from Squarespace that match your bank feed in QuickBooks & Xero.

Grab fees from Stripe without ever logging into your Stripe account—we do all the heavy lifting for you. All fees are separated from deposits, so no more reconciliations to do at month-end!

Set up everything related to your Squarespace store including sales, shipping, gift cards, and more.

Map your Squarespace account to your QuickBooks Online account in minutes. We'll start posting summaries from there. No more spreadsheets, adding up transactions, or manual corrections.

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“ This app saves me so much time! I used to export the reports in Excel spreadsheets and use the pivot table to summarize the sales, taxes, gift cards, expected deposits, from all those payment types, etc. Finally, an app that meets all my needs. ”
“ I am so glad I found this app. It keeps my QuickBooks clean and all necessary data comes over from Shopify, nothing more and nothing less. Highly recommend. ”
“ This app is everything I need it to be! I LOVE the daily summary syncing - vs. syncing every single transaction. The customer service/tech support is stellar. The fact that they are accountants and really understand and can advise with the set up is HUGE! ”
Omnichannels Retailers:
Make manual data entry a thing of the past.

Let our smarter accounting automation do all the heavy lifting for you.