We help business owners take control of their accounting processes

About bookkeep™

Over the years, we noticed that there was a notable gap in the accounting world: the need for smarter, better bookkeeping.

A typical day managing your books might look something like this:

You spend hours manually logging expenses, receipts, and invoices. Or, you spend hours adjusting transactional errors. Or, you spend hours trying to figure out what went into each account

The bottom line is: you spend hours on bookkeeping.

bookkeep™ eliminates this exact problem using our automation solutions.

You just set it once.

And then, watch our tool automatically capture all your financial information and reconcile them month after month.

It's clean, it's clear, and it's really that easy.

And the best part is our support team, and expert accountants will be with you every step of the way.


Executive team

The team behind bookkeep™


Ruth Ku

CEO & Co-Founder

Ruth Ku is the co-founder and CEO of bookkeep™. Before devoting her work fulltime to bookkeep™, she served as a financial executive for high growth companies like ShopKeep, Buffer, Signpost, and RotoQL.

She spent the earlier part of her career as a Certified Public Accountant advising Fortune 500 companies like American Express, HSBC, and FCB.

She is an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded three companies with successful exits: Paradigm Sports Clubs, Vleeo, and rukuKitchen.

She is a firm believer in building a strong financial foundation for reducing the risk of business failure and setting the right strategic direction to scale.

Ruth is an expert at helping businesses put robust financial operating procedures in place. She loves a good thought-provoking financial challenge and has a knack for spotting revenue opportunities.

She savors cooking in her kitchen and putting on a good movie when she isn't working.

When she needs to retreat, her getaway of choice is long hikes and yoga sessions.


Jason Richelson

CTO & Co-Founder

Jason Richelson is the co-founder and CTO of bookkeep™.

Prior to bookkeep™, he founded ShopKeep, a POS system that has helped over 23,000 small retailers and entrepreneurs streamline their business operations and stay competitive.

Having successfully launched and scaled multiple companies, including InternetCash.com, The Greene Grape Grocery, and Simply Wine, he is an award-winning serial entrepreneur recognized by EY Entrepreneur Of The Year.

Jason is an author and keynote speaker, contributing to the likes Entrepreneur and speaking on topics ranging from payments in e-commerce to small business and technology startups.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending quality time with his two kids, running, hiking, and sailing.

Our mission

Helping businesses simplify accounting, find clarity in their numbers, and run smoother.

Most business owners know they should have a solid financial foundation. They should track their expenses and a P&L. They should have a bunch of stuff… There are just too many things that they "should" do.

And that means business owners are faced with choosing to run their business, managing their financials, or a compromise somewhere in between.

bookkeep™ is here to change that. We believe businesses shouldn't have to compromise between these essential things.

bookkeep™ gives you straightforward solutions that are easy to set up, intuitive to use, and easy to maintain. Our tools help you simplify your accounting, find clarity in your numbers, and have your business run smoother all around.