Bookkeep CPE Webinar


6 Things You Didn't Know About Shopify that CAN Hurt You

If you are a CFO or Controller of an ecommerce business, or a CPA or Bookkeeper who serves ecommerce clients, you can’t afford to miss this Webinar!

Shopify is a powerful platform that enables businesses to sell more products easily, but the accounting is complex. And these businesses need you to do it right.

Come and learn 6 key things that CAN hurt you, when doing the accounting for Shopify businesses. Forewarned is forarmed!

Taught by Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE

Eligible for 1 hour of CPE credit through CPAacademy

Dawn Brolin CPE Webinar

Why attend this webinar?

Shopify is popular for a reason. However, accounting for the complex multi-state sales it handles so well can be confusing and frustrating. And, there are some “gotchas” that if left unchecked, can seriously impact the integrity of the financials, or even lead to overpaying sales tax.

As a CFO, Controller, CPA, or Bookkeeper who serves ecommerce businesses, you need to understand how the Shopify platform pulls its numbers, how it behaves when interacting with other platforms like Meta, and ensure you understand the nuances so you can correctly interpret and book the sales and related items to the accounting system.

Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, as she walks you through 6 things that CAN hurt you when it comes to accounting for Shopify sales.

What you can expect from this webinar

You’ll come away with actionable things you can immediately implement. At the end, Dawn will introduce you to an automation platform that can help alleviate much of the complexity when dealing with ecommerce businesses who use Shopify and other popular selling and payment platforms.

About Bookkeep

Bookkeep is a cloud-based ecommerce and retail revenue accounting and sales tax automation platform.

Our mission is to be the de facto revenue accounting standard for all revenue channels and deliver real-time automated accrual-based revenue and sales tax accounting for the modern accounting professional.

With Bookkeep, you can automatically book and reconcile 60+ selling and payment platforms right into your accounting software, while you sleep. It’s that simple.